Pictures On a Page || Phone Roundup

Sorry to have been MIA for the last couple of weeks. First we went to visit relatives, then last week I was at a music camp, which was a blast, btw! (This week I’ve been recovering.)

Today I’m going to share some random photos from my phone, so enjoy!

A glimpse of my week at music camp.
Little Kitty
Wild clover (I think) that my brother picked.

Some experimental watercolor painting.



Pictures Of My Life

Hello everyone! Today I am posting some pictures I’ve taken over the last couple of weeks. They aren’t in any particular order, but I’ve added captions giving a little more detail about them. 🙂

A picture I took on Mother’s Day.
When I found an old,  (literally vintage), embroidery hoop of mine, I decided to have a little fun, and you can see what I did in the pic above.
The fine tuners on my violin. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I love close-up shots. 🙂
Motherwort, growing in the herb garden on our porch.
This is also from Mother’s Day, taken at the same place as the first picture.
Just a random pic of a watering pail. I thought it looked cool, OK?
A hat I hung on my wall, with a dried flower stuck in the ribbon.