spring day

Sunshine fades,
Then comes again.
Birds chirp a serenade,
Glad there is no rain.

I feel a wistfulness,
Rising in my soul.
Something akin to sadness,
Makes my heart feel full.

Yes, I love the sun,
Yes, I love the birds.
But something is undone,
Not described with words.

for a year this poem has sat, awaiting the day when i would finally publish it

Here Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

…about spring.

  • Trees are blossoming.
  • Flowers are blooming.
  • Birds are singing.
  • I can wear sandals and short sleeves.
  • Strawberries are getting to be in season!
  • And summer will be next…



Spring Flowers

Probably my favorite photo subjects are flowers.

Yesterday it was raining, and today it’s raining, but that’s off the subject. Anyway, during a break in the drizzle, I went out on our front porch and took a few pictures of a little bunch of flowers.

These are the ones that turned out the best.


Totally yay for spring flowers, right?! 😀

Spring Fever

Anyone have spring fever? I do, even if it was 75° or so yesterday. 🙂

Here are some pictures I took last June. As some of us are still in the middle of winter, why not enjoy some nice flowers? After all, who doesn’t love roses?

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