happy place

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my art and my [dried up] flowers

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a reminder on my wall

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handmade quilt

These photos were taken in my room…’cause that’s where I am today-doing some studying, writing, and obviously photography, editing, and blogging.

This time of year is when my room suddenly becomes my happy place. The lighting is brighter and cleaner, I have my spring and summer decor out, and somehow it all comes together into my own special haven.



spring day

Sunshine fades,
Then comes again.
Birds chirp a serenade,
Glad there is no rain.

I feel a wistfulness,
Rising in my soul.
Something akin to sadness,
Makes my heart feel full.

Yes, I love the sun,
Yes, I love the birds.
But something is undone,
Not described with words.

for a year this poem has sat, awaiting the day when i would finally publish it

coconut shell + succulent


you know when your supposed to be doing something productive, but then you see that perfect lighting, and that perfect prop?


that’s why these pictures are here…the product of a distracted girl (me) who should have been cleaning.


the beautiful thing about this plant? it was harvested in the wild by my brother, and put in in an old coconut shell. talk about diy, right? i feel like it looks so much more fancy than it actually is, and i love how it turned out.