coconut shell + succulent


you know when your supposed to be doing something productive, but then you see that perfect lighting, and that perfect prop?


that’s why these pictures are here…the product of a distracted girl (me) who should have been cleaning.


the beautiful thing about this plant? it was harvested in the wild by my brother, and put in in an old coconut shell. talk about diy, right? i feel like it looks so much more fancy than it actually is, and i love how it turned out.

DIY Composition Books

I run through notebooks like crazy. I use them for stories, diaries, planning, poetry, even drawing occasionally! Oh, and did I mention I like them all to be pretty? Yeah, plain composition books and notebooks don’t cut it. :/ They work in a pinch, but I like something all girly and cute. 🙂

Well, all those notebooks can be kind of expensive, so I decided to try my hand at a DIY project. I saw these, and decided to give my own twist to it using materials I had hanging around.

I started off with one of these:


Very functional, but also very boring. So, I fixed that!

These are the brush and paint I used. I think we got the paint at Jo-Ann’s yeeears ago, and the brush was from a friend of my grandmother.

Since I was using a color that contrasted the binding, I taped that up.




On the first notebook I painted, I did three coats of paint, and the next few I used two, since I got a better hang of spreading it on. Above is right after the first coat, and you can see how handy that tape was!

The second coat:


I didn’t give it much time to dry; basically one side would dry while I was painting the other side. 🙂


After I removed the tape! (I was a little impatient and didn’t even give the paint a chance to fully dry!)

I used a Sharpie to draw a design on after it dried overnight. It turned out pretty well, I think!


The paint I used kind of gave it an interesting texture, but it just adds to the character of the book, and I really like it!

I redid four books total. The top two are my favorites! (Fun fact: I’m using the “Dream” one to schedule out my blogging!)



So, there you have it! DIY composition books for SUPER cheap! (Especially when you just get the materials from your mom who doesn’t want them anymore. It’s a win for everyone!)

Go ahead and try it yourself! I promise it’s super fun and super easy!

P.S. Two quick notes: If you do this, it is a REALLY good idea to cover your work surface, and two, sorry for the bad quality pics! My camera is a little point and shoot thing that doesn’t always have the best quality, especially inside. 😦