My Silly Dog

Silly, sleepy doggy. 😀 ❤


Pies, Flowers, and Doggy Noses…

…does it get much better than that?

Over about the past week or so I took random pictures, mini [unprofessional] photoshoots, and today you get to see what’s been happening in my life.

I’ve been thinking of doing a weekly roundup of pictures, so you may see me experimenting with that here in the next few weeks. We’ll see if I like like it, and if you like it, which is very important to me!

My first set of pictures is of Dahli. You all know who she is, right?

Now, how about a yummy s’mores pie I made? Unfortunately I’m not sharing the recipe, since it wasn’t all my own, but if you’d like to make your own, you need a graham cracker crust, a carob filling, (yes, I used carob!) and Suzanne’s Ricemellow Cream.

OK, so in our backyard we have kind of a wild flower garden. Originally I think someone planted them, but now these flowers come back every spring, even though no one takes care of them. Also, yes, these are that bright!

One final last picture. My brother cut, (or bit!) a hole in a pepper, the put a flashlight in it, and we ended up with this:

I know, it’s slightly odd.

My {Sleepy} Pets

Last night our animals were being very sweet and sleepy, so I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of them. Our cat, Little Kitty, likes to hang out in my mom’s desk, and she fell asleep resting on an open notebook.

Then, I had My dog, Dahli, conking out on my lap, which was absurdly adorable, since she was sprawled on her back, wrapped in a blanket.

I know the pic quality isn’t great, but isn’t she cute? And then her paw was sticking up in my faces so I had to get a picture of that too, of course. 🙂