something different || q+a collab

 Today I have something kinda different for you all!
My blogging friend Victoria and I have worked together on a blog collab, and she is guest posting today!
We both thought of several fun, deep, or interesting questions, and we’re both answering them.
If you want to read my answers, head over to The Homeschooler’s Hangout and you’ll find them there!
So, without any further ado, let’s meet Victoria!

Wassup peeps, I’m Victoria from The Homeschooler’s Hangout! *winning smile* My blog can be summed up in three words: mental teenage girl. I don’t really hold back on the weirdness, so, yeah. I try to be funny and write witty posts on all kinds o’ stuff. Thanks, Sunshine, for doing this collab Q&A! Onto the questions.

1. If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be?

Well, I’ll get to see all the Bible characters in Heaven, so…huh. I guess one of my favorite Youtubers xP

2. If you could have an exotic animal as a pet, which one? 

Probably a lion.

3. Would you rather go to space or down into a deep-sea trench?

I guess a deep-sea trench…

4. Would you rather live in a treehouse or someplace underground?


5. If you could jump into any video/computer game, which one?

The computer game Super Mario 64 o.o It was so fun…*sighs*

6. If you could only save three things form your burning house, what would they be?

My bedroom, kitchen, and garage. JK. My tablet, laptop, and wallet.

7. Would you rather have no one attend your wedding or your funeral?

Funeral. I mean, I’ll be dead, so I won’t care. I would just hope people were at home mourning, not fighting over my stuff.

8. Would you rather have the ability to be invisible for a day or the ability to read minds for a day?

I’d want to read minds.

9. If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

If a person had never heard of God or the Bible in their entire life and died, how would they be judged?

10. What is your first memory as a child?

I have no idea what the first one is…I literally have the worst memory. Sorry.

11. What do you see yourself doing ten years from now?

Lounging in the spare room of my parents’ house. Nah, I kind of see myself married, maybe with a kid.

happy place

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my art and my [dried up] flowers

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a reminder on my wall

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handmade quilt

These photos were taken in my room…’cause that’s where I am today-doing some studying, writing, and obviously photography, editing, and blogging.

This time of year is when my room suddenly becomes my happy place. The lighting is brighter and cleaner, I have my spring and summer decor out, and somehow it all comes together into my own special haven.


blogger recognition award

Guess what!? Allison Joy, from The Words of a Writer, has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thanks so much!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to display your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select (up to) 15 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and link to the post you created.


In January 2016, have I started blogging at Words On A Page. Why? Well, I just thought it would be fun to have a blog.

A year later, in January 2017, I set up this blog, because I was feeling the need to upgrade, get a new name and url, and started really creating my own quality content.


My advice to new bloggers is to do lots of research and have a good plan. While I tend to research stuff a lot, one of my biggest mistakes when I started blogging was doing absolutely no research and having no plan. Before starting a blog, choose a name and url! Figure out what you’re going to blog about! Have some content ready beforehand!

I mean, maybe this is obvious, but those were things I didn’t think about at all before I started blogging, and that was a bad idea. So yeah, plan, plan, PLAN!


The Homeschooler’s Hangout


Thee Adventurette

Chloe’ Mae’s Cottage

one year…

I couldn’t let today go unnoticed. You see, it was exactly a year  ago that I published my first blog post!

Here, a year later, I now have:


841 visitors


129 posts



Besides those lovely numbers, I have also gained things that can’t be measured, such as creativity in areas like photography, editing, and graphic design skills, and much more.

I’ve been blessed to come across other bloggers that share many of my same beliefs, hobbies, and talents.

So, here is to another year of growing and learning…

Care to join me?

P.S. If you would like to check out my first blog post, click here.

i’m finally back!!!

Yes, I’ve been MIA for what, three weeks, a month??? I’m sorry, but I’m here to announce that I got my own tablet, so blogging will now be sooo much easier!

Stay tuned ’cause I’m planning on posting a couple times a week starting now!


Pictures On a Page || It’s October!

Hello all! Can you believe it’s fall already, much less October? Somehow this cooler, cozier weather has given me lots of blogging inspiration, so be looking for some fun posts!

Just to give you an idea of my blogging schedule, I’ll be posting Pictures On a Page every Sunday with pictures I’ve taken over the previous week. On Wednesdays I’ll be posting a “random” post – recipe, DIY, or other stuff. And on Saturdays, I will be posting my verse of the week!

Today I have a Pictures On a Page for you! I’ll explain the pictures as you go through them, so without further ado, here we go…

This is the photo from the last day of the September Photo Challenge.  The prompt was, “Warmth,” so I took a picture of a cozy flannel scarf of mine.

These two are from this morning, after it began raining. I love how the one on the left turned out!

See you all Wednesday!

The Liebster Award!


I’d like to thank Lauren, from my life nd thoughts, for nominating me for the Liebster Award! This should be fun, so here we go…


~ thank the blogger that nominated you.
~write 11 random facts about yourself.
~answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you.
~nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.
~come up with 11 questions for the bloggers you’re nominating.

11 random facts about me:

  1. I have a love hate relationship with peanut butter.
  2. I have never painted my nails with real nail polish. (Markers though? Yes.)
  3. I’m a neat freak and it drives my brother crazy. My mom appreciates it though.
  4.  When I was 13 I was obsessed with pre Civil War fashion, and all those gorgeous dresses.
  5. I weigh 90 lbs.
  6. I’m teaching myself how to play the auto harp.
  7. I love keeping a diary, and once wrote, like, thirty pages in one day.
  8. My birthday is October 15.
  9. I like to find clean jokes and retell them to my family.
  10. I say I’m a random person, but coming up with random facts is hard.
  11. I would eat a whole batch of rice crispy bars in one day if I could.

Questions I’m answering:

  1. If you had one food you had to eat for the rest of your life what would it be? Probably rice and beans. It would be nourishing, and it’s something I eat on a regular basis anyway. (I know it’s two foods, but one dish, OK?)
  2. If you had a superpower what would it be? I seriously have no idea.
  3. What’s your star sign? I’m not into that stuff, so I don’t know.
  4. What’s your favorite band(s)? I really like Hope Montana and her siblings. Oh, and I like some of The Piano Guys’ songs.
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? I’ve always wanted to visit Germany.
  6. If you were stuck in the lift with 3 other people who would you pick? My best friend and two other people to witness to.
  7. What’s your favorite word? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It’s so fun to say!
  8. How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well, I’m vegan, but when I used to eat eggs I really liked them scrambled. Now I love scrambled tofu!
  9. If you had one more day alive what would you do? I would make sure I was right with God.
  10. What’s your favorite time of the day? It depends on the season. In the summer I like early morning, but fall and winter evenings are awesome.
  11. What has been the highlight of your week so far? Getting nominated for the Liebster Award!

Questions I’m asking:

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Do you play an instrument? If so, what?
  3. What is your first memory as a child/little kid?
  4. What is the last thing you ate?
  5. Why did you start blogging?
  6. What is your favorite fashion decade?
  7. If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?
  8. What’s the most you’ve written in one day?
  9. What do you see yourself doing ten years from now?
  10. Do you prefer pie or cake?
  11. Would you rather read a good book, or write?

The bloggers I nominate:

Thumbelina’s World

Nazarene Teen

Loving Like Christ

Thee Adventurette