why the friendzone isn’t a bad thing

For many people, being placed in the ‘friendzone’ is pretty discouraging. Popular culture and media has conditioned us that we need a relationship to be happy, but is this true? Since when do we need a significant other just to provide us with “happiness?”

2017-09-29 05.52.22 1.jpg

In our world today, we see many important steps being skipped in relationships. Kids in elementary and middle school think that having a boyfriend or a girlfriend makes them cool, then as they grow older, often times teens and young adults become immersed in the hookup culture that society presents as normal. Relationships are based around selfish motives, seeking pleasure and fulfilment without commitment. Ultimately, this leads to broken hearts and broken homes.

What if, instead of being upset when someone told us they didn’t want to have a “special relationship,” we welcomed the opportunity to get to know people in a low pressure situation? Why couldn’t we be thankful that instead of trying to put work into something we aren’t ready for, we now may have an opportunity to get to know someone casually, to see if he or she would be a suitable person to someday have a purposeful relationship with.

Being “just friends” isn’t a bad thing! While it’s easy to be tempted to think that no one wants to be with you, instead, it may ultimately be a blessing. God creates friendships so people can spend time together in a healthy environment, instead of compromising their values.

And ultimately, we must remember that no human being can truly bring us joy and satisfaction. Christ fills up the emptiness in our hearts, and without Him, no friendship – no matter if it is casual or serious – can fulfil our heart’s desire for companionship.

coconut shell + succulent


you know when your supposed to be doing something productive, but then you see that perfect lighting, and that perfect prop?


that’s why these pictures are here…the product of a distracted girl (me) who should have been cleaning.


the beautiful thing about this plant? it was harvested in the wild by my brother, and put in in an old coconut shell. talk about diy, right? i feel like it looks so much more fancy than it actually is, and i love how it turned out.

snow + sunshine

As much as I enjoy watching it snow and seeing the little flakes floating down, there is something almost magical about waking up to a day where the sun is shining over a fresh blanket of snow.

20170124_102000 That is what I woke up to this morning.

The sun was shining a cold light on the thin layer of snow, so as soon as I could, I grabbed my camera, put on my brother’s chore boots, and went to see what I could capture.

A lot of little ice crystals and water droplets were frozen to the tips of leaves and pine needles, which was gorgeous to say the least.


As you can see, it wasn’t a whole lot of snow, but it was just enough to transform the world.

Inside, due to the snow, the lighting was dreamy, and somehow Little Kitty had settled down in just the right spot for me to capture the next photos.




 Isn’t she beautiful?

one year…

I couldn’t let today go unnoticed. You see, it was exactly a year  ago that I published my first blog post!

Here, a year later, I now have:


841 visitors


129 posts



Besides those lovely numbers, I have also gained things that can’t be measured, such as creativity in areas like photography, editing, and graphic design skills, and much more.

I’ve been blessed to come across other bloggers that share many of my same beliefs, hobbies, and talents.

So, here is to another year of growing and learning…

Care to join me?

P.S. If you would like to check out my first blog post, click here.

when life gives you lemons

We all know that saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” right?

So often in life, when things don’t go our way, or we don’t get what we want, it is SO easy to be upset and discontented.

What if we looked at life from a different perspective?

What if, when things don’t  go our way, we look and see why? What if our motives were selfish? (Hint: Too often if we want our own way for our own gratification, there is a problem.)

Remember the lemonade part?

Instead of being discontented with circumstances, what if we all looked for the good in the situation?

In almost everything you experience, there is something to be learned, no matter if the situation is good or bad, big or small.

You know what else?

If it seems like you aren’t getting what you want, and it seems like it should be a good thing to have, maybe you need to grow.

Sometimes before we can have a good thing, God needs to work with us so we don’t mess it up.

Something could be the perfect thing for you, but if you aren’t ready for it, and you’re trusting in and submitting to God, He will work with you so you can be ready for it.

So always remember, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” and always look for the silver linings on dark clouds!

Sometimes post ideas come at the randomest times. This post was written out at midnight awhile back, but somehow, it actually turned out to be something to post, unlike other ideas I’ve had at odd times.

i’m finally back!!!

Yes, I’ve been MIA for what, three weeks, a month??? I’m sorry, but I’m here to announce that I got my own tablet, so blogging will now be sooo much easier!

Stay tuned ’cause I’m planning on posting a couple times a week starting now!


’tis the season for…


hot chocolate

cozy fireplaces

christmas trees

christmas bells

gift giving

live nativities


 reading luke 2

handel’s messiah

sugar cookies


(photos via Unsplash.com)

dear readers,

my apologies for not posting lately. my computer crashed, so i lost all my pictures, and i’ve had to use my mom’s computer. hopefully this situation will be changed soon, but for now, i’m doing my best to keep stuff running around here.

also, i have not forgotten about my 100 followers celebration. currently i’m working with my dad on my idea, and i’m hoping to get it up soon.



that awkward moment when…

… you’re singing alone, then you realize that someone actually heard every single {very loud} note

… you put the milk in the cupboard, and the cereal in the fridge

… you accidentally call someone by the wrong name

… you realize your joke isn’t as funny out loud as it was in your head

… you misspell “awkward”

… you can’t find something, then realize it was in your pocket (or in your hand) all the time

… your stomach growls in a silent room

… you haven’t posted in almost two weeks

Guys, take a look at my sidebar. It says I have 97 followers!!! With just three more people, we could reach 100! So, tell your friends, and tell your enemies, because when we reach 100, I’m planning on doing something special in celebration!


just for you || fall printables

For all my lovely readers here in the US, you know that we are celebrating Thanksgiving in just two weeks. Experimenting with graphic design and such, I decided to give you a couple of fun, inspirational printables/phone or computer wallpaper.

The pictures are from Unsplash, and the Bible verses are KJV. I used Pixlr to design them.


Just right click, and select “Save image as.” Once you do that, you can print it, or use it as your wallpaper on your phone or computer.


so, it was my birthday…

Guys, usually I don’t post videos, but today is an exception. In case you didn’t know, I turned 16 last weekend, and well, you could say it’s kinda a big deal for me.

If you are a homeschooler, chances are you probably have heard of Blimey Cow – if you haven’t, go check them out! Basically, it’s a couple of brothers (Jordan and Josh Taylor), that post sarcastic videos about relevant issues such as religion and politics. I don’t agree with all their stuff, but trust me, some of their videos are so. spot. on.

Well, because it was my birthday, I’m reposting a hilarious video from Jordan’s personal channel, called “Weird Things That Happen On Your Birthday.” Go ahead and watch it, then keep scrolling down.

While I can’t relate to everything (like I don’t have Facebook), the first time I saw this I was like, “Yes! I get this! And this is sooo funny!”

So, are birthdays weird or awesome?

Like this post if you think it’s weird to blow on other people’s food! 😀