pictures on a page || sunny weather


i took these pictures over a week ago, 

back when it was {slightly} more warm and sunny


pictures on a page || autumn leaves

These leaves are my go-to photo subject right now. The church I attend most of the time has a tree which is dropping so many of these gorgeous leaves right now, and I cannot resist taking pictures. Unfortunately my camera wasn’t easily accessible at the time, so these are taken with my phone, but I love the bright colors!

Pictures On a Page || It’s October!

Hello all! Can you believe it’s fall already, much less October? Somehow this cooler, cozier weather has given me lots of blogging inspiration, so be looking for some fun posts!

Just to give you an idea of my blogging schedule, I’ll be posting Pictures On a Page every Sunday with pictures I’ve taken over the previous week. On Wednesdays I’ll be posting a “random” post – recipe, DIY, or other stuff. And on Saturdays, I will be posting my verse of the week!

Today I have a Pictures On a Page for you! I’ll explain the pictures as you go through them, so without further ado, here we go…

This is the photo from the last day of the September Photo Challenge.  The prompt was, “Warmth,” so I took a picture of a cozy flannel scarf of mine.

These two are from this morning, after it began raining. I love how the one on the left turned out!

See you all Wednesday!

Pictures On a Page || Phone Roundup

Sorry to have been MIA for the last couple of weeks. First we went to visit relatives, then last week I was at a music camp, which was a blast, btw! (This week I’ve been recovering.)

Today I’m going to share some random photos from my phone, so enjoy!

A glimpse of my week at music camp.
Little Kitty
Wild clover (I think) that my brother picked.

Some experimental watercolor painting.


Pictures On a Page || 4th of July

On 4th of July my family went to a lake to see fireworks. It was a lot of fun, and I took my first pictures of fireworks, which you will see in a moment.


Panorama of where the fireworks were set off.
Waiting for it to get dark. The sunset was beautiful!!!


I don’t wear jewelry, but I did have a glow stick anklet.

Above you see some of my attempts at pictures of fireworks. I don’t have a camera with a lot of manual settings, so they were far from perfect, but I think they’re kinda cool. One thing I learned was how hard it is to compose a picture when you don’t know where your subject is going to be!

Those ones above were some that turned out kinda cool, but kinda weird too. I promise they are both fireworks though!

These are some of my favorites.

The grand finale, both of my post and the fireworks show. I took a video and captured this picture, and it turned out really neat!