so, it was my birthday…

Guys, usually I don’t post videos, but today is an exception. In case you didn’t know, I turned 16 last weekend, and well, you could say it’s kinda a big deal for me.

If you are a homeschooler, chances are you probably have heard of Blimey Cow – if you haven’t, go check them out! Basically, it’s a couple of brothers (Jordan and Josh Taylor), that post sarcastic videos about relevant issues such as religion and politics. I don’t agree with all their stuff, but trust me, some of their videos are so. spot. on.

Well, because it was my birthday, I’m reposting a hilarious video from Jordan’s personal channel, called “Weird Things That Happen On Your Birthday.” Go ahead and watch it, then keep scrolling down.

While I can’t relate to everything (like I don’t have Facebook), the first time I saw this I was like, “Yes! I get this! And this is sooo funny!”

So, are birthdays weird or awesome?

Like this post if you think it’s weird to blow on other people’s food! 😀

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