A Walk In The Park

Hey everyone! Today my mom, brother, and I went to have a picnic lunch at a park near us, and I got a bunch of pictures because it was really pretty. However, from all the 150+ photos, (yeah, really!) you are only going to get like, eleven, because a lot didn’t turn out to great, and I wouldn’t want to bore you.  🙂

Remember Spring Fever? Well, those pics were taken at the same place we went today, just later in the season, so the roses were all blooming then. (Or is it budding? Whatever.)

There were a bunch of damsel flies flying around, and emerging out of their shells. I REALLY wanted to get a picture of one of the adult ones, but they wouldn’t be nice and pose, so I just got pictures of them emerging, plus a picture of an empty shell.

While we were about to start eating lunch, a friendly honeybee landed on my brother’s bread, and wouldn’t leave for awhile. Then, later on, my brother almost stepped on that slimy banana slug. Thankfully, he didn’t and I got a picture of a living banana slug. 🙂

So, guys, I hoped you all liked my photography! Hopefully I’ll be doing more photography over the summer, so we’ll see what happens! 😀