When Your Mom Buys You Clothing

Hello everyone! OK, so last week my mom went to the thrift store and found me some really awesome new clothes, and today I’m sharing some pics of the stuff she got with you!

There have been times when she has gotten me stuff, and I was like, eh. This time was different though, and I  am SO happy with the stuff she got me!!!

Clothing Item #1: Aztec maxi skirt from Justice

This is my new favorite skirt! It’s really long and flowy, (I don’t think “flowy” is a word!) almost touching the ground, and I LOOOOVE it!

Clothing Item #2: Blue shirt from I don’t know where because there is no tag.

I like this shirt because it’s cute but basic, and easy to just pair with a plain jean skirt and still be cute. This one definitely needs a tank under it though!

Clothing Item #3: “Prairie Shirt” from L.O.G.G by H&M

Normally I probably wouldn’t have even looked at this, but since I wasn’t there to give my opinion, my mom got it, and now I love it!

Clothing Item #4: Shirt from Banana Republic


My least favorite of the bunch, but still great. I’ve been wearing it around the house, (that’s why there’s dog hair all over it), but I also have a dress that I may be wearing it under soon.

So, thank you Mom for all the awesome clothes! I love them!