Writers’ Woes

I have a problem. I like to write.

Sounds like a real problem, right? Well, let me explain myself.

I fill up pages and pages in notebooks, writing anything that comes to mind. I look at it, and I think, “Hey, this isn’t too bad.” (Not trying to be conceited!)

But that isn’t my problem.


My problem is that I sit down at the computer to blog, and I draw a total blank. I can’t think of a single thing to type. I stare at the screen, and I wonder what happened to everything in my head that was waiting to be poured out to everyone out there in internet land.

Then, I end up just putting up a sentence or two with some pictures or a video. While there’s nothing wrong with that (and this is a photography blog too), I want to write more.

I don’t know what to write though, so today, I wrote this, which isn’t much, but it’s just all you’ll get for today.

P.S. Hopefully I can think of more stuff to write after this, but if not, well, I’m sure there will occasionally be a few bursts of inspiration every now and then. 🙂